Jeff Fox Intro Video

My name is Jeff Fox, and I am passionate about Real Estate.  I truly love my job.  I love getting to help all kinds of people find or sell their homes!  Because I live in Golden, I am helping people find a home in the place that I live and call home.  In many cases, they have become my neighbors, and my friends and it has been fun to introduce people to this great community.  I truly believe that the more I can spend the time to get to know my clients, and their story, the better I will be able to serve them.  Many of my clients like the outdoors, and really want to live close to a mountain trail, or a bike path, or a park.  Other clients are downsizing and wanting a community where they can walk to restaurants and stores, and spend less time in the car.  Still others want a neighborhood full of kids, with schools and parks nearby.  Whatever their story may entail, it is my job to figure it out, and then help my clients find a home that fits them and their story best.

I work at The Fox Group at Fathom Realty based in Golden , which I believe helps me stay in tune with what is happening in this community.  Its important that I stay up to date on what is being built, what projects are happening in the community, keeping an eye on community events, and being involved with other realtors in the community.   If you are interested in buying, or selling, or just need to talk through how much your current home is worth, feel free to give me a call at any time.   720-891-5751

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