2021 Year in Review

This morning I woke up early and drove up to Winter Park to ski uphill (yes there is such a thing) up to the top of Mary Jane. As the sun rose I climbed 1500 ft up the empty ski resort to the top of Mary Jane. Not a cloud in the sky, not a hint of wind, just me and the resort, the perfectly groomed runs all to myself. It was one of those moments of sheer beauty, thankfulness, and accomplishment. I love the rocky mountains, the glistening snow, and the sheer smallness I feel standing on the top of the mountain with snowy peaks in every direction. I am so thankful I get to play in them. Last week I did the same run, yet it was a completely different experience. As I climbed, the bitter winds whipped up, snow was blowing sideways, visibility was difficult and everything on me froze. Once I got to the top, winds were gusting at close to 70 mph and the lifts were shut down. Freezing, I skied down as quick as I could back to my warm car, thankful my ski was over….

As I think about it, this kind of sums up my year. And as I talk with many others, they have had a similar experience. In one moment, things have been crazy, chaotic, confusing, discouraging, and scary…. Then, in a flash the opposite happens. Times of great abundance, beauty, friendship, and blessing happen as well. Sunsets, mountains, relationships, experiences seem more beautiful than I can remember…. Highs, and lows, victory and defeat, discouragement and joy….

My family is good, my girls are growing up and flying from the nest. One in Nashville, the other in LA, and Leslie and I experiencing the empty nest with its great joys and challenges…Golden is flourishing, and growing and community is deepening. We have experienced the joy of serving and giving back this year, pouring time and resources into The Neighborhood Rehab Project, Emmanne Ministries, and Leadership Golden as well as other organizations we support and care for. I became the President of Leadership Golden this year, and continue to serve as the board chair at Emmanne. Giving of our time and resources makes us feel alive, and we feel a calling to be good stewards of all the God has given us. We feel the accountability there, to have open hands and look for opportunities to give… It truly is a joy…

Real Estate has been a roller coaster. It’s hard for buyers right now. Lots to emotions and ups and downs. We ride the roller coaster with them, as we navigate them through the multiple offer reality they face on almost every home. It’s exhausting, challenging and deeply rewarding, when finally the right home comes together for them. Our sellers are happy, and of course are benefiting from this strong buying season they find themselves in.

Our team is busy and growing. We likely will add some new team members this year. Myself (Jeff) and Jamie and Tripp are all thriving. We love what we do. We had a career year, setting records in total volume and transactions. We have helped many former clients and their friends, and have met many new friends through our transactions this year. We recently moved to COMPASS, which has been a huge upgrade for us, our buyers and sellers and for our future. Our brand and marketing are stronger than ever, and we can serve more buyers and sellers, with greater speed and technology, and better than ever marketing. Our buyers and sellers are already benefiting from our apps, home searches, marketing, and high end look in numerous ways. Check us out at foxgroupcolorado.com.

We would love a chance to meet you, hear your story and how we can help you in your real estate journey. We also just love people, and would love to sit down and catch up any time.

Call us. 720-891-5751

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