2019 Year in Review

January 1st…The start of a new year. For many, this is always a reflective time as we look back on the past year, and look ahead with renewed hope for the year to come.  Personally, I am truly thankful for the many experiences, challenges, surprises and adventures that were part of 2019.

On the home front, my daughters are growing up and it has been a joy to see them flourish in their own ways.  I am now less than a year away from being an empty nester.  I love being a Dad and husband.  My family inspires me to be the best version of myself!  As we look ahead, we will be moving into our downtown Golden fixer-upper this summer.  Can’t wait to root even deeper into a community I love.

It has been another strong year in my real estate business.  I am so thankful, as this job has been such a good fit for how I am wired.  I am just amazed at the people and families I have had the chance to meet.  I often find myself inspired, encouraged and humbled by the stories of my clients.  Some are working through great challenges and painful life change; others are experiencing great blessings and positive transitions.  I count it a privilege to walk with them through both seasons and often I find myself personally challenged to be a better man in the process.

As a real estate team, we have had a super year!  I love working with Tripp Howell and Jamie Patrick, both of whom are thriving in their business.  We enjoy working together and compliment each other well.  This was a record sales year for us as a team, as well as picking up several Fathom Realty awards this past year, including Top Producing Team for Colorado, Fathom Realty Brokers MVP,  5280 Magazine Five Star Awards and more.  But perhaps my favorite part of working along side these two is that we honestly are not focused on our volume or production, but rather on the people we get to serve. True…we all need to make a living and want to work very hard, but we genuinely enjoy the relationships built with our clients more than anything else. Introducing them into our neighborhoods and communities is the best! The Fox Group is grateful for the new friends we have all met in 2019.

In addition to real estate, each of us have other passions as well. For each member of the Fox Group, it is a priority to give back a portion of every closing to organizations we have a vested interest in.  I currently financially support and serve on the board of the Neighborhood Rehab Project, Leadership Golden, and Emmanne Ministries. I have been to Kenya twice this past year (see photos below) to see the numerous programs Emmanne Ministries is leading. This November, my family joined me which was so amazing to watch how much they enjoyed pouring into the kids in the Children’s Home and community.  Locally, Leadership Golden and The Neighborhood Rehab project have given me opportunities to serve Golden specifically, helping meet the needs of needy homeowners with the Be A Tool project and getting to help develop future leaders in Golden through Leadership Golden.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to do a few fun adventures this year!  The highlight was finishing  The Grand Traverse, a backcountry ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen.  Countless hours of training and skiing in the backcountry paid off.  Feel free to check out the link… the race is pretty crazy.

Lastly, as I think about 2020, I really hope to focus even more on the community God has gifted me with in and around Golden.  I am fortunate to be able to live in the community where I work, and I want to prioritize people over tasks this year.  In my travels to Kenya, I have seen this played out over and over in the people I have met there.  Relationships tend to always take priority over tasks, agendas, or timelines.  I realize the older I get, the more I need and value friendships, as they sharpen, refine and encourage me.  I want to stay present, and available to the people God puts in my path.

Here is to a new year and all that it brings!


Jeff Fox




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