Halloween Crazy Days in downtown Golden

2013-10-31 15.34.00 - Copy 2013-10-31 17.00.18 - Copy

Halloween Crazy Days are back in downtown Golden, Friday Oct 31st.  The Golden Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Merchants Association have teamed up to offer safe trick-or-treating in downtown Golden.  Most of the shops and restaurants stay open and pass out candy to families that come to Golden from all over Denver.  Kids are encouraged to head to downtown Golden after school dressed in costumes with their families and walk down Washington Ave and visit the stores who will be passing out candy.  What is great about this event is that most of the parents dress up too, which is always fun to watch.  Don’t be suprised if random dances break out, or other fun happenings.  This really is a great safe event for all involved.  Be prepared to bring home a ton of candy though.  It could last a good year in your pantry as a result!

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