Once we got the home cleaned out, we began to meet with an Architect (Ewers Architecture) and a contractor (DT Construct) to draw up plans for the future of 912 Arapahoe.


Once we had initial plans, we set up a meeting with the historic board in Golden.  Because our home was 150 years old, and fell within the historic district, we had to get the approval of the historic board before we could move forward.  Thankfully, the historic board accepted our plans and we were able to move forward.  We then submitted the detailed plans to the city of Golden.  Once we got approval, work began in earnest.

We recruited as many friends and family we could and began the dirty work of demo.  Considering the age and condition of the home there was a lot to do.  We took down walls, removed the old kitchen, ripped out lots of lath and plaster, peeled up old flooring, exposed the old plumbing and electrical, tore down the old back porch etc.

It was fun to see what was behind the walls and in the attic of this old home!  The next phase will be starting the rebuild process!!


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