Now that the permits are in place, the rebuilding can begin!  We first had to continue to demo the structure and take off the old roof and ceiling as well as make some improvements to the foundation to support a second story.  This is where is crucial for us to hire a professional contractor and architect that knew how to deal with historic homes.  Ewers Architecture and DT Construct were masterful at putting the plans together to rebuild correctly.

It was fun to see the old wood and original lines of the home as we tore off the roof.  We also found even more brick than we thought.

Basically brick was added in the addition of the home in the late 1800’s, with the original cabin being just timber.  Usually its the opposite so it was a unique find.  Much of the old timber was local, as the railroad was not fully in place when construction began in 1867.

As the ceiling was rebuilt and the second story grew, it was fun to see how many of the windows incorporated Golden views perfectly.  The second story basically added a bedroom,  office, walk in closet, and master bathroom along with a porch of the master overlooking the foothills.  Most of the window frames had to be rebuilt as well in the downstairs during this phase as well.  The old insulation was removed, the walls were reinforced and prepared for new siding.  Patios were poured, and the back laundry addition and master suite patio were put in place.

Both the plumbing and electrical had to be torn out and started over as well.  The home had old nob and tube wiring, along with sawdust for insulation.  Talk about a fire hazard!  We also had brick masons in to restore certain areas of the brick in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.  We love the brick and are excited to see how it comes together when everything is finally complete.

We are  now heading into the final faze.  Siding is being put on, drywall is going up, floors are being restored…


The next blog and video will show the final steps to completion.  What a fun project.

Jeff Fox


Once we got the home cleaned out, we began to meet with an Architect (Ewers Architecture) and a contractor (DT Construct) to draw up plans for the future of 912 Arapahoe.


Once we had initial plans, we set up a meeting with the historic board in Golden.  Because our home was 150 years old, and fell within the historic district, we had to get the approval of the historic board before we could move forward.  Thankfully, the historic board accepted our plans and we were able to move forward.  We then submitted the detailed plans to the city of Golden.  Once we got approval, work began in earnest.

We recruited as many friends and family we could and began the dirty work of demo.  Considering the age and condition of the home there was a lot to do.  We took down walls, removed the old kitchen, ripped out lots of lath and plaster, peeled up old flooring, exposed the old plumbing and electrical, tore down the old back porch etc.

It was fun to see what was behind the walls and in the attic of this old home!  The next phase will be starting the rebuild process!!


Fall Reflections

I think it is fair to say that fall is quickly coming to a close.  With a snowstorm on the way here on November 10th, whats left of the leaves will be quickly eliminated.  Here are a few pictures of Golden on a fall walk a couple weeks back.  So glad to be living and working here in this beautiful town and state.

IMG_3492 IMG_3493 IMG_3494 IMG_3501 IMG_3503 IMG_3504 IMG_3505 IMG_3506 IMG_3508 IMG_3509 IMG_3510 IMG_3513 IMG_3515 IMG_3518

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