Best Sandwich in Golden-D’Deli


I spend a lot of time in downtown Golden, meeting clients, friends and college students.  As a result I have been known to frequent the many restaurants along Washington Avenue.  I have to say, the place with the longest lines is consistently a place called D’Deli.  D’Deli is a small sandwhich shop right on Washington Avenue.  If you are looking for a unique sandwhich, its hard to go wrong with this place.  With bread made fresh every day, and over 120 choices for toppings, it is hard to miss with this place.  Whether you are in to a simple “staple” turkey or roast beef sandwich, or a monster with every topping known to man, you will find what you are looking for.  I prefer the piggly wiggly, just some brisket and ham with barbeque sauce and pineapples, but some of my college friends are known to go for such delights as the ‘Firecracker” or the “Calamity Jane.”


The atmosphere is great as well, with cozy indoor seating and outdoor seating right on Washington Avenue.  On a warm Golden afternoon, D’Deli will be swarmed with locals trying to grab one of the priced outdoor tables in the shade.  I highly recommend D’Deli to anyone wanting a unique Golden experience and a great sandwich!  For more reviews, click here. 

Jeff Fox  720-891-5751
Jeff Fox 720-891-5751

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