Biking our way into the Community

Bikes 2

One thing that is true about Golden and the Denver Metro area, is that people love their bikes.  In any given garage, you might be shocked at the amount of bikes one person could have.  There are road bikes, cyclecross bikes, bmx bikes, mountain bikes, downhill mountain bikes, fat tire bikes for the snow, cruiser bikes for around town, commuter bikes for longer in town rides; and the list could go on.  The point is, people love to bike for any and every reason!

At the Fox Group, we love to ride as well, and we are now trying to be more intentional with our bike time.  We now have a growing fleet of cruiser bikes for our in town business.  Whether showing property, or giving a local tour of Golden to out of town visitors, or running local errands, we now have the opportunity to keep our carbon footprint down, while taking in the scenery in a more efficient way.

If you find yourself in downtown Golden, with a need to see town without having to fight for parking, feel free to take our cruisers out for a spin!  Just give us a call!  For any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at The Fox Group!

Jeff Fox


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