Building Relationships of Trust

We know that it is an intimidating process to find a good real estate agent.  Its hard to know where to start.  We struggle too with how to best market ourselves so our new clients truly see who we really are.  Though we have highly successful agents, we are not a numbers focused team.  We feel that it sends to wrong message to brag about how many houses we sell.  We want to be focused on relationships.  This is a people business first, and our clients are people we want to get to know and serve.  They are not a number to us.  So, we take pride in getting to know you, your goals, your dreams, and your priorities.  We want you to feel listened to, and we feel that is the key to success.  If we know you, we can most effectively serve you!  Its a win win.  Feel free to reach out to us at The Fox Group for more info on how we can help you with your real estate goals.  720-891-5751.


12 Days of Christmas-Your Treasure Our Treat

The Fox Group and Rocky Mountain Commercial Advisors Present

The 12 Days of Christmas Your Treasure, Our Treat Golden Hunt

Check with us here daily starting December 1st as we post clues to 12 of our favorite Golden establishments.  If you are the first to find it, you will be awarded with a gift certificate from $25-$100, and an opportunity to have us donate to your favorite Charity..

Thank you all who played our 12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt and to the many businesses who made it a success!!  Cant wait till next year!!  

The Twelve Days of Christmas adventure (1)

Biking our way into the Community

Bikes 2

One thing that is true about Golden and the Denver Metro area, is that people love their bikes.  In any given garage, you might be shocked at the amount of bikes one person could have.  There are road bikes, cyclecross bikes, bmx bikes, mountain bikes, downhill mountain bikes, fat tire bikes for the snow, cruiser bikes for around town, commuter bikes for longer in town rides; and the list could go on.  The point is, people love to bike for any and every reason!

At the Fox Group, we love to ride as well, and we are now trying to be more intentional with our bike time.  We now have a growing fleet of cruiser bikes for our in town business.  Whether showing property, or giving a local tour of Golden to out of town visitors, or running local errands, we now have the opportunity to keep our carbon footprint down, while taking in the scenery in a more efficient way.

If you find yourself in downtown Golden, with a need to see town without having to fight for parking, feel free to take our cruisers out for a spin!  Just give us a call!  For any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at The Fox Group!

Jeff Fox


2016 Year in Review

Dear clients and Friends,

I can’t believe another year has come and gone!  I am more than thankful as I look back at the past year in business and in life, and am even more hopeful as I look ahead to the year to come.  The Fox Group had another successful year in Real Estate.  We closed another 35 properties and made countless new friends in the process.  This year I had the pleasure of working with several previous clients and their friends, as they moved up to bigger and better things.  I am so thankful for the trust you all have put in me to help you achieve your goals.

The market in the Denver Metro area is still extremely strong, and the next year looks to be another strong year of growth.  I would not be surprised to see things slow down a bit with the rising interest rates, but there is still a shortage of real estate here and a continued influx of people moving here from other states.  The job market is strong and continues to grow, and the Colorado way of life is hard to beat!!!

We enjoyed giving back to the community this year, and will continue to do so with a portion of our income every year.  Here are some of the organizations we came alongside this year.  Community Faith in Action, Emmanne Ministries, Solid Rock Ministries, FCA, Storyline Fellowship, The Colorado Teen Project, World Vision, Cadence International and others as well.  One of the  highlights of the year for my family was another trip to Theri, Kenya to visit the children of an orphanage we support, along with kids camp we ran for other kids in the village.  My family was blown away by what we saw and experienced, and by our growing relationships with the people of Kenya.

We have some exciting changes coming this way.  The Fox Group will be adding some agents this year to further meet the needs of our clients in Golden and Denver.  We will be changing companies to Fathom Realty, to further focus our time and energy on the things we care most about; our clients and our community.  Fathom focuses on servant leadership, which is a core principle behind our values as a team.    We will have an office at Connects Workspace in downtown Golden, and look forward to the added connections that partnership brings!  We cant wait to provide even better service this year!! Here is a snapshot of Fathom’s Core Values:

H-Help: Help improve the communities we live in

I-Innovate: Innovate to meet the evolving needs of our associates and clients

S-Serve: Serve our people always, expecting nothing in return.

I love this!

Thank you again for your trust, your friendship and your referrals.  Looking forward to working with you or your friends in the years to come.

Jeff Fox


The Golden Picture Story: Photo-shopped or Not?

Jeff Fox

Many people have asked me about my Golden photo, and most are convinced that I just photo-shopped the picture.  So I thought I would tell the story behind the story, with a few more added photos just to add to the fun.  The short of it is this:  It is real in every way, and I have people to back me up!  We took the picture at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning in downtown Golden.  My wife Leslie, and my good friend Dan Thoemke were my partners in crime.  Dan and I moved the desk back and forth, and Leslie took the pics.  The desk was heavy, the coffee cup empty, and the lamp and computer real. Yes, we had to move the desk several times, even at 7:00 am for moving cars, but even the cars had fun with it.   There are a few other hints.  Notice my puffy eyes because I am not a morning person!  Also you can see the sun rising on the foothills behind the pic.  Definitely morning. I am sure a true photo pro could give you more proof.  They are legit!

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