Homes selling rapidly in Golden CO

The Fox Group in Golden, CO  720-891-5751
The Fox Group in Golden, CO 720-891-5751

While working with buyers in Golden, many have been challenged with how quickly homes have been selling.  Not only are homes selling quickly, but they are selling with multiple offers way above the asking price.  Some have questioned whether Golden is seeing a housing bubble.  If you look back a few year during the downturn, Golden was still doing quite well in comparison to the rest of Denver.  Because of the appeal of Golden, lots of people want to live here.  There is little to no chance for additional housing to be build in Golden, so as the demand rises, the supply is not getting much better.

For some perspective, in January, 2010 the real estate market was not doing well in most of the country, including Denver.  Yet, even then, listings stayed on the market an average of 58 days with a median list price of around 350k in Golden.  The average home stayed on the market less than two months!!  In January of 2015, listings stayed on the market an average of 7 days with a median list price of around 450k.  There are always a few homes that remain on the market for a while due to major challenges with the home or because it is in the high end (800k and up) of the market, so these stats may even be a bit misleading.  In most cases if a listing is in decent shape and priced appropriately in Golden area,  you have a matter of days to see it, put an offer in, and hope you can outbid your competition

In working with buyers, we have a proven strategy that has given us an edge as we have worked with buyers in Golden.  There are things you can do to position yourself as a standout buyer, even if you are not the highest bidder.  In many cases, our clients have won the home, even when they were not the highest offer.  For more info on how we put buyers in the best position to win, feel free to reach out to us at the Fox Group.  We would be happy to share with you what makes our buyers stand out!

Jeff Fox  720-891-5751
                  Jeff Fox 720-891-5751

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