Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza

The Fox Group at Keller Williams

Almost every family I know in Golden makes Woody’s a part of their routine at one point or another.  On any given weekday or weekend night, crowds of people gather outside Woody’s waiting for a seat in the crowded dining room.  Whether it is the atmosphere, the pizza buffet, or the numerous other choices on the Menu, Woodys is always packed!  I often meet friends there for lunch, grabbing the all you can eat salad bar and pizza combo.  The salad bar is stocked with just about everything you would want, and the beer cheeze soup is a local favorite for sure.  Every few minutes they are bringing out another option for the pizza buffet as well, from barbeque, to blue cheese with chicken and buffalo sauce, to hawiian or vegetarian.  The options are endless.  I would highly recommend Woodys to anyone looking for a great spot for lunch or dinner in Golden!

Jeff Fox  720-891-5751
                 Jeff Fox 720-891-5751

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