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The year 2020 has been a challenge for all! As we navigate our way through this pandemic, we are learning new things about ourselves, our communities, our values and our neighbors. It is safe to say, all of us have had to sacrifice in different ways and are continuing to learn how to adapt to the many obstacles placed before us. We are learning how to live differently, how to better care for our neighbors, and help meet the desperate needs around us, and this will make us all better in the long run.

As I reflect on this past year, I wanted to highlight a few non-profits in Golden that are making a huge difference in our community during this time of need. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a few specific organizations that I’ve been able to watch up close and partner with this year. They have inspired me to be a better citizen and to be more aware of the needs right under my nose here in Golden.

The Golden Civic Foundation: I have been blown away by how this organization serves Golden in such broad and impactful ways. The current executive director is my friend and neighbor, Heather Schneider. Starting in 1970, this organization has helped numerous businesses, non-profits, the arts and schools in significant ways through grants, loans and private donations. Most recently, the Golden Civic Foundation has given specific COVID-19 grants to help businesses stay open and engaged during this challenging time. From restoring the iconic Welcome to Golden arch to the Golden Commons, to the statues seen around town – the Civic Foundation has played a financial role in making things happen.

The Neighborhood Rehab Project: Founded by my friend and client Dan Thoemke over 10 years ago, The Neighborhood Rehab Project continues to have a meaningful impact in Golden and surrounding communities. I have served on the board of this organization for several years and am struck by how dedicated NRP is to helping struggling homeowners take care of their basic needs, while encouraging community collaboration through out the process. Many of these homeowners are on fixed incomes and do not have the funds to make basic repairs on their homes, including roof repairs, heating and AC, water leaks, etc. The Neighborhood Rehab Project comes alongside homeowners and provides volunteers and resources to help get needed projects done. Check out this amazing video promoting what The Neighborhood Rehab Project does.

BGoldN: Led by my friend and client Tyson Noeth, this organization partners with many Golden restaurants and donors to help families in need here in our community. With nearly 1 in 4 households experiencing food insecurity in our current COVID crisis, this organization has played a vital role in getting food to both students and their families . They currently have food distribution sites, a weekend sack program for students, a fresh food pantry as well as a food delivery program. Seeing local businesses and restaurants rally and come together in this effort has been awesome to watch.

GoFarm: Led by another friend and client, Eileen O’Rourke, GoFarm assists local farmers with support and training. In addition, they provide a local food share program, which allows healthy food options to be more accessible to our residents. This program continues to play a vital role in getting nutritional, healthy food into the hands of families. For a video on their programs, click HERE.

Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains: Its been quite a year of turmoil for many, including the police. However you feel about them, they are human beings, who hurt and struggle just like the rest of us. This organization comes alongside police offers and provides counsel, a listening ear, and an advocate as these officers navigate numerous difficult situations that they are faced with. I have seen up close how my good Friend Kevin Shive has walked with officers in need over the years here in Golden. His organization has now spread throughout the state and he is helping chaplains all over Colorado as they seek to walk alongside officers and counsel them. Over 176 chaplains are working in Colorado and Wyoming.

There are many other fantastic organizations who have stepped up this year in very real and tangible ways. I have merely scratched the surface with this list! If you are interested in becoming more involved or would like to learn about ways to volunteer, simply click on the links in the paragraphs above..

All the Best,

Jeff Fox

The Fox Group at Fathom Realty

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