The Fox Group: Snow, Rain or Shine

We are The Fox Group. A real estate team ready to help you in any season.

We all go through many changes through the years.  We have seasons full of joy and blessing, but there are also times if pain and loss.  As a real estate team we tend to enter into both seasons.  We work with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.  From the newly married young couple buying their first house,  to a couple going through a painful divorce, or someone experiencing the loss of a spouse, job or ability to be independent.  We enter in to people’s stories, and help them achieve their goals.

We do not just find a home for you, or sell your home.  We advise, we counsel, we research and investigate, and we try to help our clients make the most educated decisions possible.  We know your community, your neighborhood and what buyers are looking for in Golden.  We live here too!

Our hope is to help you in whatever season you are in.  We are people driven, not  numbers driven and our goal is to provide the best real estate service possible, all the while helping you buy or sell your home and achieve your goals.


We are The Fox Group.  We would love an opportunity to meet with you and get to know your goals for the sale of your home, or the purchase of another.

For more info on us, check out our website at or give us a call at 720-891-5751.

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