Buffalo Bill Days in Golden

Buffalo  Bill Days is one of the highlights of the summer in Golden.  Some residents I have talked with actually see this as another holiday!  There is a little but for everyone!  Of course the Buffalo Bills Day Parade is always a big hit.  Get there early, as the parade starts at 10 am.   You will see plenty of guys looking like Buffalo Bill, lots of horse poop, and plenty of candy for the kids!  Along with all the food, beer, and music you could possibly want, you don’t want your kids to miss Muttin Bustin!  Muttin Bustin is Sunday July 30th at 10 am, but be sure to sign up your kid by July 20.  They aint’ jokin around over there.    Or possibly you may want to enter the Creative Beard Contest? I know a few guys who would have a real chance at this!!!  Anyway here is a great link to everything you need to know about the day, with a few other tips below that.  Enjoy!!

Buffalo Bill Days Info

  1.  Parking:  Parking is always tough.  Come early, or park up at Mitchell Elementary or Golden High School and Bike down.  My advice would be to park on the fringes of Golden, and walk in if you can.  Anything close to Clear Creek will be packed unless you are an early bird.  If you are, you will score a great spot!  If you do get a spot in town make sure to check for signs either with a time limit, or a pay station.  Protect your beer money and don’t get a ticket.
  2. Tubing:  The creek is great for tubing and swimming, though it will be packed with people.  If you need to rent a tube, I noticed a new place just south of Ford and 10th.  I would recommend a life jacket, especially if you are not a swimmer.  The current is still stiff!!!  Enjoy your day!!!

The Fox Group    720-891-5751




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