The Fox Group in Downtown Golden


The Fox Group is growing and thankfully we will all get to office together at Connects workspace in downtown Golden.  We have had a partnership with Connects Workspace for several years now and we will now expand our team in this location.  We love being in the center of Golden, and getting to office with many friends who work at connects as well.   We make it our goal to be fully engaged in the communities we serve in so we can be as in touch as possible with the ever changing real estate market.  We love being here because we get to interact with the community on a daily basis.


The only downside is figuring out how we will decide where to go for lunch.  Cafe 13 rocks of course, and it is our closest option being right next to Connects.  They have a great partnership, and we love having them right here.  They are always there for great coffee and morning treats, so we may have to venture out more often.  Yet the challenge is that there are also many other great options nearby.  Will it be Bob’s Atomic Burgers, D-Deli, or Woody’s Pizza, or any of the other great options downtown.  I guess we will just have to wait and see how it all pans out.  If you are ever in the neighborhood come by and say hello!!

Jeff Fox with The Fox Group

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