Lookout Mountain Golden, CO

Lookout Mountain is a community of Mountain homes at the top of Lookout Mountain overlooking Golden.

Lookout Mountain Home
Lookout Mountain Home

You can access this community heading up 19th st from Golden as it turns into Lookout Mountain Rd, or you can take the Lookout Mountain exit of highway 70.  This is a well established community of mountain homes of all kinds.  Many people love this community because of its access to Golden and I 70, and its numerous trails, open space areas, parks and wildlife.

Lookout Mountain Home
Lookout Mountain Home

The Lookout Mountain Nature Center resides in this community, and many people love to take the Apex Trail and the Chimney Gulch Trail to down to Golden and back.  The Mount Vernon Country Club can also be found in this community, and many residents use it to swim, play tennis, or enjoy its beautiful dining room overlooking the city lights below.

Mount Vernon County Club
Mount Vernon County Club

Because of its proximity to the Denver Metro area, the prices in this neighborhood will be higher than other mountain communities that are farther west, but the cost may well be worth it.  If you want the feel of being in the mountains, without the hassle of a long and windy commute down to Denver, this is the community for you.

Views to Golden
Views to Golden

In this community you can find million dollar homes with pristine views, to small 1 room cabins.  In the past year 28 homes have sold in this area, with 7 homes being on the market currently.  Homes have sold at a high of 730k and a low of 50k for a small cabin with no utilities.

For a current list of mountain homes on the market near Golden, click here.

For more info on homes in this community, feel free to give Jeff Fox a call at the Fox Group at 720-891-5751

Jeff Fox  720-891-5751
Jeff Fox 720-891-5751

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