2018 Year In Review


This is the time of year where we get to look back and reflect on all that has happened in the past year including our triumphs, our challenges and our blessings.  First, I a grateful to God for my health, my amazing family, and for a community of friends that I get to work alongside and share life with.  I don’t take these things for granted, and I look forward to another year serving and having adventures with the community I have been blessed with.  I love my life, my family, and am thankful for our journey!  Its not always perfect, or easy, but life does not promise a path without obstacles and challenges.  My family is learning that our only true anchor is our faith in Christ, with whom our only true peace can be found.  It would not trade any part of this journey, and I look forward to what is ahead with great excitement.

I have truly enjoyed growing my real estate team The Fox Group this year!  We gained two awesome agents this year in Susanne Reh and Jamie Patrick.  Both women are incredibly gifted and have a way of caring for their clients that is so rare.  Now as a team of 4 (with Tripp Howell and I as well), we love how our different gifts balance each other out and bring out the best in us!  We also have a lot of fun together, which makes work a blast!  We worked with 53 buyers and sellers this year helping them meet their goals and pursue their dreams!  We continually feel it is about the people we serve, and we strive to continually focus how we can truly meet needs in our community.  Its amazing as we serve with an open heart, how it comes back to us in numerous ways.

Its been fun to continue to give back as well.  Some of the key organizations we have supported financially this year include The Neighborhood Rehab Project, Rocky Mountain Police Chaplaincy, Leadership Golden, Emmanne Ministries, FCA at School of Mines, Solid Rock Foundation in the Dominican Republic, World Vision and more…  Giving is a driver for all of us and helps fill in the “why” behind what we do on a daily basis.

As far as personal adventures and goals, its been a fun one.  I got to travel to Kenya again in Feb to continue our work with an orphanage there called The Emmanne Children’s Home.  We were finally able to build a permanent home for our kids, which will also help us house more orphans in the community in the coming years as well!! We have also have begun to help in the schools resourcing and equipping teachers (Thank you Jill Fortney), and helping with economic development and job creation in the community of Theri.  I will head back again this Jan to continue this work with my friend and American director Matthew Bachali.



In March, I was able to knock of a bucket list item by skiing The Grand Traverse Ski Race from Crested Butte, CO to Aspen, CO.  Its a 40 mile backcountry ski race over the Elk Mountains.  My ski buddy Zach and I finished strong, though the race had to be diverted due to avalanche danger.  I will be doing this race again this year with my brother in law Jeff Dykstra.


In September, Leslie and I finished our fixer upper we called the FOXERUPPER in downtown Golden.  We bought an old run down historic home in the heart of Golden and spent a year fixing it up and bringing it back to life.  If was a really fun project for us and we love how it turned out!!


In May I completed a year long Leadership Golden course in the city of Golden.  It was an awesome way to learn about all the little details in how a city runs and serves its people.   I am currently now on the steering committee for Leadership Golden helping plan and organize future classes.

In October I knocked off another bucket list adventure by running the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim with my brother in law Jeff Dykstra and friend Dave Chase.  It was a brutal 22 miles, with about 6k feet of decent and 7k feet of climbing back out, but we loved every minute of it!!

Looking forward to what this year holds!!!  Bring it on 2019!



Foxer-Upper: The Grand Reveal

After a year of planning, permits, reviews, demo and reconstruction, we have finally finished our Foxer-Upper project.  This has truly been a labor of love. Not only are we thrilled with the final product, but we had a blast working with so many great people in Golden along the way!!  We want to give a shout out to DT Construct and Ewers Architecture for their leadership and visionary thinking in making this project happen.



We are also grateful for all the sub-contractors who were so vital to the success of this renovation. We personally want to thank Eric Olricksen with Sovoco Hydronics who did all of our plumbing, Tony Ortiz with Community Mechanical for HVAC, Bryan Vandenbark of Basic Electric who did all of our electrical work, Jared Robinson and Sons Flooring for their amazing work restoring our old wood floors, Ozzie and RJI for siding and roofing and Denver Concrete for the concrete work.

We are also grateful to so many friends for their help along the way, from hauling bags of trash into dumpsters, to demo work, to painting, flooring, or barn doors. This was truly a community effort.

The best part of the last two months of work was seeing many of the old parts of the house come back to life, from the old doors, to the exposed  brick to the flooring, to all the old wood we put back into the home that we removed in Demo.

The relationships formed with our contractors as we worked along side them was a highlight, as well as the countless conversations with neighbors who stopped by and wanted to chat about the transformation.

There were a few days we were not sure this day would come, but how fulfilling to see how it all came together in the end. We are grateful!

Off to our next adventure.  Peace out 912 Arapahoe!

Jeff and Leslie Fox

12 Days of Christmas-Your Treasure Our Treat

The Fox Group and Rocky Mountain Commercial Advisors Present

The 12 Days of Christmas Your Treasure, Our Treat Golden Hunt

Check with us here daily starting December 1st as we post clues to 12 of our favorite Golden establishments.  If you are the first to find it, you will be awarded with a gift certificate from $25-$100, and an opportunity to have us donate to your favorite Charity..

Thank you all who played our 12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt and to the many businesses who made it a success!!  Cant wait till next year!!  

The Twelve Days of Christmas adventure (1)