Multiple Offer Madness


If you have been looking for homes in the 250-400k price range on the West side of Denver, you have probably experienced the shock and awe of multiple buyers bombarding the same  home you are looking at.  Showings are stacked on top of each other, with a long line of buyers pushing past each other in the hallways of these homes.   I recently showed a home, and we were 1 of 100 showings in 2 days.

In almost every case in this price range, there are multiple offers.  I am not talking about just a couple offers, but in many cases 14 or more offers!  Alot of people think this is the best of times for the real estate agent, but this is actually not true at all.  The buyers we work with are often frustrated, discouraged, and tired from writing multiple offers on many different homes with little luck.  If our buyers are not happy, then we are not happy, period.  As a result we are working very hard to try to find ways for our buyers to win, and get the homes they want.

So how can you stand out in a market like this?  Is there a way to win the home if you are not the highest bidder?  We believe we have a formula that helps our buyers stand out, as well as compete if they are not the highest bidder.  We have won several homes this way.  Its important to look at all factors of the real estate transaction, and really ask what is important to the seller besides just the highest price.  Here are a few key things we focus on.

  1.  Having a good lender who communicates well on the buyers behalf:  We have lenders call and introduce themselves to the sellers agent, and talk up our buyers and their qualifications.
  2. Treating the sellers and their agent with respect:  We realize we will not get anywhere by being rude or demanding.  So we go out of our way to reach out to the agent, and ask them what they need for a successful transaction.
  3. Tell your story: We have found that when our buyers write a letter and tell a little bit about themselves and why they love the home, it can go a long way.
  4. Other dates and deadlines:  There are other deadlines, and contingencies that are important to a seller.  We ask about closing dates, appraisal deadlines, down payments, loan conditions, inspection deadlines etc.  Finding out what a seller needs in these areas can help a lot as well.
  5. Graciousness:  This market is tough on buyers and sellers.  We strive to be gracious whatever the outcome, and it is amazing how that comes back to us sometimes.

If we can help you in any way, or if you want to just talk through the market, we would love to have a conversation.  You can reach me at 720-891-5751, or check us out at

Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Golden

Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Golden

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With rising prices in every neighborhood in Golden, it is getting more difficult to find affordable housing in and near Golden.  Many people are drawn to Golden because of its small town feel, parks, trails, recreation, clear creek, mountain views and more.  As a result, the competition for homes is fierce, and many first time buyers are struggling to get into the market.  At The Fox Group we have a passion to help all of our clients find their place, so we thought it would be helpful to list some of the most affordable neighborhoods in the Golden area.

Golden CO

Apple Meadows:  (Low 200’s-400’s) Apple Meadows is a neighborhood about 3-4 miles North of downtown Golden.  This is a great neighborhood for a starter home, or to buy a home that has potential for equity growth by remodeling.  Many of these homes are ranch models and bi levels built in the early 70’s.  People love this location because it is still very accessible to Golden, Denver, the Mountains, and Boulder as well.  There are numerous trails and open space options from this neighborhood, with access to North Table Mountain, Long Lake Ranch Recreation Complex and trails, and it’s just a mile from White Ranch open space.


South Golden:  (Low 300’s-500’s) There are several neighborhoods south of Downtown Golden that are still very affordable.  These neighborhoods are near South Golden Road, West, South and East of the King Soopers shopping area in south Golden.  Part of this area is also known as Pleasant View.  There is everything from condos, to townhomes and duplexes, to single family homes.  These homes are generally older homes, with some new construction sprinkled in as well.  This area has great access to Golden, South Table Mountain, and the new light rail station at the Jefferson County Government center.

Lakota Hills: (Mid 400’s-low 500’s)  This is a great neighborhood near Shelton Elementary with parks, trails, and close proximity to the Apex Open Space area near Heritage Square.  This is a small neighborhood of tri level homes of approximately 1900 sq feet and up.  These homes were built in the 1990’s and later.  There is a paved trail from this neighborhood that leads to downtown Golden and the Splash water park.

Lakota Hills Neighborhood

Heritage Dells: (Low 500’s-High 600’s)  This neighborhood is right next to Lakota Hills, off Heritage Rd and Kimball Ave.  These homes where build in the late 70’s and early 80’s and are 2200-2800 sq ft on average.  These homes boast mountain views, trail access, and a mountain feel.  Families love this neighborhood for its affordability and access to Golden, Denver and the mountains.

Heritage Dells

Heritage Dells

North Table Mountain Village: (High 400’s-600’s) North Table Mountain Village is also in North Golden, about 3-4 miles from downtown Golden.  This neighborhood boasts lots of options from with homes ranging from 1800-3500 sq feet.  This neighborhood has great access to open space, mountain views, and parks.

North Table Mountain Village

Wildhorse Ranch: (Low 500’s-mid 500’s) Wildhorse Ranch is a small neighborhood of 50 new homes just south if W 58th Dr. a mile West of highway 93.  These homes were built in 2012 and consist of ranch, and two story models with no basements.  These homes range from 1700-2300 sq ft.  If you can find a home available in this neighborhood, you will get the most affordable newer home development in the whole area.  This neighborhood is ideal for families looking for mountain views and access to trails and open space.

Wildhorse Ranch

For more information on affordable homes in the Golden area, feel free to give us a call at The Fox Group at 720-891-5751.