12 things I have learned about life in Colorado


I have now lived in the State of Colorado for almost 11 years now.  In light of all the new folks moving to this state, I thought I would share lessons I have learned.


  1. Spring has not arrived in March when the first warm day hits. Expect snow in May!
  2. If you consider yourself a biker of any sort; clip in, and expect to look like an idiot, fall unexpectedly, and generally feel stupid till you learn.
  3. Don’t drive through a snow drift. That stuff is like cement people!
  4. Speaking of driving, 4 wheel drive does not mean 4 wheel brake!
  5. If you want to keep your sanity, do NOT go skiing off I70 on a Saturday.
  6. Expect to be repeatedly beaten on the bike, and on the trail by women. Yes Men, get over it.  There are 3-4 women in my neighborhood alone that could beat down any of you.
  7. In fact no matter what you do, expect someone to do it better, and faster. I got passed on my motorcycle going down Lookout Mountain by a guy on a skateboard.  Case and Point…  Get over yourself, and have fun anyway!
  8. Mountain biking is not a Sunday stroll here. Lots of up, lots of down, and plenty of large rocks.  Technical means technical!  Brakes are a good idea…
  9. Speaking of rocks, do not attempt to dig in your yard. Not for a tree, not for a fence post….They call them the Rocky Mountains for a reason.  If you want to keep your manhood, please defer.
  10. Beer:  Know it, drink it, and evaluate it or feel like a poser.  And no, I have not acquired the taste yet, to my friend’s dismay!
  11. Be a bronco fan, or pretend if you have to.  At a Broncos game my 16 year old daughter had a 75+ year old man in her face because she was wearing a Niner jersey.  Scarred her for life 🙂
  12. People demand to be outdoors here. It’s not a fad, or a fashion statement like in some places.  Play hard, work hard, take risks.  Pretty much sums up this state.

Hiking Trails around Golden Colorado

One of the reasons I love Golden, is the numerous outdoor experiences I can have straight out my door.  It is unique in Denver to have a community with such great access to so many outoor activities from road biking to kayaking, climbing and hiking to numerous mountain biking options.  Locals and future home seekers are drawn to Golden because of it’s access to these open spaces and trails, and the small town mountain feel.  Many of our neighborhoods in Golden are literally within walking distance of some great trails.  I thought it would be helpful to list some of the key trails in Golden that people love to explore.


The Chimney Gulch Trail can be picked up right off the paved bike path that follows Clear Creek West of Downtown Golden.  Less than a half mile West of the Golden Recreation Center and Clear Creek Whitewater Park, there is a bridge that crosses the creek as the paved trail splits, and a section heads south towards Colorado School of Mines.  Once across the brige you will see a small brown sign on your right, with access to the trail.  This trail is a single track trail that will take you to the top of Lookout Mountain through open meadows and pine forests where both the Nature Center and Boettcher Mansion are located.  You can either come back down the trail, or make a loop and connect with the Apex Trail near the nature center and cirlcle back to Golden through the paved path that starts just beyond Heritage Dells.

The Apex Trail can be accessed just south of the Heritage Dells Neighborhood in the Heritage Square parking lot area.  There is a sign and parking with a trail map at the North edge of the Parking lot.  This trail will wind up the mountain, or follow the creek all the way to the top of Lookout Mountain as well.  This is a great mountain biking and hiking trail, that will take you through open meadows, Pine and Aspen groves, and beautiful vistas with views of Golden and beyond.  It won’t take you long before you run into some dear, and possibly the elk heard that roams around Lookout Mountain and Golden.

Another great hiking trail is the Lubahn trail that starts on the corner of Belvedere and 19th and heads up South Table Mountain to the trails on top.  You can access the Castle Rock overlooking Golden, or try some of the other trails that wind through South Table Mountain.  This is an intermediate trail that boasts great views overlooking Golden and the Foothills.  If you are into Sunsets, this trail is a must.

North Table Mountain has numerous trail options and is a great hiking and mountain biking area on the North Side of Golden.  There are several trailheads around North Table Mountain.  The closest access point to Golden is off Peery Drive, and this trail crosses the West side of the Mountain, with a steep trail that connects to the Table Top.  The main parking area for North Table Mountain is off highway 93, just North of Pine Ridge Rd on the East side of highway 93.  From this trailhead you can find hiking, biking, and horseriding access to all of North Table.  There is also access through the Mesa Meadows neighborhood on the North side, just off Wyoming Circle.

Another option for hiking only, is the Mount Galbraith trail just above the Mountain Ridge neighborhood in Golden.  You can access the main parking area for this hiking area just off Golden Gate Canyon Road, about a mile West of highway 93.  This is a hiking only trail, but has great views, and many quiet spaces to explore.  There is a small access point in the Mountain Ridge neighborhood as well just off Canyon Point Circle.

For more information on Golden, or Real Estate in the area, feel free to give Jeff Fox of The Fox Group a call at 720-891-5751